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Indecent Sexual Assault Compensation Claim Solicitors

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0018

Our personal injury solicitors provide professional legal representation with a focus on the needs of our clients for applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for indecent sexual assault. Our lawyers use the risk free no win no fee* scheme. You do not have to finance your claim and in the unlikely event that the application is refused you will not be charged. For advice on indecent sexual assault compensation claims just use the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices and a solicitor will speak to you on the telephone with no further obligation. If you require a same sex lawyer, just let us know on your initial contact with us.

Legal Definition of an Indecent Sexual Assault

A sexual offence that may be subject to a criminal prosecution is generally defined as any offence that is sexual in nature or intention and includes rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, child abuse and paedophilia. Current law provides tough penalties for child sex offenders to the extent that serious offenders will receive mandatory life sentences :-

    Sexual Assault is most commonly defined as any type of forced sexual contact by threats of harm, intimidation or coercion. It is a sexual offence if a person is pressured or intimidated into sexual contact or if the victim is physically or mentally unable to provide consent. It is also a sexual assault if penetration is performed by the insertion of an object into the vagina or anus without consent.

Tariff Scheme Compensation

An innocent victim who has sustained injuries as the result of violent crime is eligible to receive an award of damages from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The amount of compensation a victim receives from the CICA is determined by a tariff scheme. Each injury is assigned a monetary value based on the severity of the injury. In the event of multiple injuries, only the worst three will be considered. For the lesser two of these three injuries, the value is reduced according to a set percentage. In certain cases, additional compensation will be awarded to cover lost wages if you were unable to work for more than 28 weeks.

CICA Time Limits

It is imperative that you act quickly. Applications for compensation must be made in writing to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority within two years of the date of the crime. The CICA is authorised to use discretion to waive this time limit in rarely exercised extenuating circumstances, however, the wisest course of action is to bring a claim as soon as possible to ensure that you preserve your legal rights.

Solicitors Legal Advice

Our solicitors understand the claims process and will be available to answer all of your questions. We provide free legal advice, including an honest and straightforward assessment of your prospects of success and the expected value of your claim. The consultation is completely confidential and you are under no further obligation. Contact us today to discuss your claim with a specialist solicitor who is a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts.

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0018

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