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Rape Criminal Injury Compensation Claim Solicitors

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Our personal injury solicitors provide legal representation to victims of violent crime seeking to claim damages for their injuries. We deal with rape compensation claims on a no win no fee* basis. There are no upfront costs and you do not have to cover any expenses. You pay absolutely nothing if an application to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority proves to be unsuccessful. Our solicitors have extensive experience in working with victims of rape and sexual assault. Your rape compensation claim will be handled with discretion and sensitivity. To make you feel more comfortable we can arrange representation by a same sex solicitor if you request.

Rape Definition

A sexual offence that may be subject to a criminal prosecution is generally defined as any offence that is sexual in nature or intention and includes rape, buggery, sexual assault, indecent assault, child abuse and paedophilia:-

    Rape has evolved in definition over the years and whilst originally meaning a male having vaginal intercourse without consent under the Sexual Offences Act 1956 it now includes oral or anal penetration (buggery) and also includes surgically reconstructed male or female genitalia. Even the slightest degree of non consensual oral, anal or vaginal penetration, with or without ejaculation, to a male or female victim is sufficient to constitute an offence.

Rape Statistics

Crimes of rape, buggery and sexual assault occur more frequently in the United Kingdom than many people realise. According to government estimates, approximately 50,000 rapes or attempted rapes and 200,000 sexual assaults are perpetrated each year. That means that 200 women are raped every day in the UK and one in 20 women have been the victim of rape. Unfortunately these figures are not reflected in applications for rape compensation claims to the CICA as most sexual assaults go unreported.

Date Rape

Some assailants use drugs to incapacitate their victims prior to the assault. Rohypnol, commonly referred to as "roofies," is a well-known date rape drug. The attacker will slip the drug into the victim's drink so that the victim unknowingly consumes it. Rohypnol acts as a sedative and leaves the victim with little or no memory of the events that occurred after the drug was taken. Other pharmaceutical drugs frequently used by rapists to sedate their victims include GHB and Ketamine. All of these drugs dissolve quickly into the system and can be difficult to detect. It is important that a victim seek medical attention as soon as possible so that the drugs can be detected and critical evidence can be preserved. It should however be noted that apprehension, prosecution or conviction ARE NOT prerequisites for a successful rape compensation claim to the CICA.

Co-operation with the Police

To be eligible for compensation for injuries incurred as a result of a sexual offence, the victim must have promptly reported the incident to the police. Victims who do not want to go to a police station to report the crime can arrange for a home interview. Seeking immediate medical care can help preserve important evidence, such as DNA, that will greatly assist in the investigation and prosecution. It should however be noted that co-operation with the police and the prosecuting authority ARE prerequisites for a successful rape compensation claim to the CICA.

Victim Support

Victims of rape and sexual assault can receive counselling and assistance through Victim Support. The services provided by Victim Support are completely free of charge. Offices are located throughout England, Scotland and Wales. These offices are staffed with trained volunteers who can provide you with information about court procedures, insurance applications, other helpful resources and more.

Solicitors Legal Advice

We provide legal advice at no cost on all matters related to criminal injury compensation claims. Contact us today to speak with a solicitor who will answer all of your questions about the claims process and provide you with advice on what steps to take next. All you have to do is complete the contact form, or you can phone us on our helpline or email our offices. The consultation is free of charge, even if you decide not to proceed with your claim.

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0344 414 0018

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