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Criminal Injury Compensation - UK Tariff Scheme

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Under the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority 'tariff scheme', various physical and psychological injuries are assigned a value. Each injury is then placed into one of 25 tariff bands in accordance with the assigned value. The bands range in value from �1,000 to �250,000. A victim receives compensation only for their three worst injuries. For their worst injury, the victim is awarded the full value dictated by the applicable band. The amount awarded for the second and third worst injuries is reduced by set percentage rates. There is a �250,000 cap on the maximum amount of damages a victim may be awarded. The effect of the tariff scheme is to limit the opportunity for a criminal compensation solicitor to make an appeal thereby making the process more manageable from the CICA point of view.

The victim may also qualify for further compensation in addition to that awarded for their injuries under the tariff scheme. For instance, a victim may be entitled to lost wages if, as a result of their injuries, they were absent from work for more than 28 weeks but losses are only awarded for the subsequent period. Your criminal compensation solicitor can also claim for certain other expenses which may include :-

  • cost of treatment through the National Health Service
  • costs associated with private health treatment
  • lost or damaged physical aids
  • expenses incurred for special equipment, ongoing care and/or home adaptations

Criminal Injury Compensation Solicitors

Our personal injury solicitors deal with all types of CICA claims and provide legal representation to the victims of violent crime throughout the United Kingdom. We use the no win no fee* scheme which means that if you are not awarded compensation, you will not be charged for any legal work carried out on your behalf. Our claims are risk-free and you are not responsible for funding the claims process. If your application is refused or if the amount of the award is not sufficient, we will appeal the decision, in appropriate circumstance, at no extra cost. To speak with one of our solicitors simply phone our helpline or complete the contact form or email our solicitors offices. You will receive free legal advice about criminal injury compensation board claims with no further obligation. There is no charge for this telephone consultation even if you decide not to take any further action.

Criminal Injury Compensation Awards

There are three realistic methods of obtaining compensation following a crime of violence however in most cases only a criminal injury compensation board application will achieve the desired result of payment within a reasonable time :-

    Criminal Injury Compensation Authority

      Victims of violent crime may be entitled to make an application to the criminal injury compensation board. The claim fund is financed by central government and UK residents who are innocent victims and have sustained physical or mental trauma as the result of a violent crime are entitled to apply for compensation. In order to qualify you must have visited the doctor a minimum of two times and your recovery period must have been greater than six weeks. In some cases, relatives of victims who were fatally injured during a violent crime are also eligible for compensation. Victims can bring a claim regardless of whether the perpetrator has been caught or prosecuted. The maximum compensation payable is £500,000 including personal injury, financial losses and expenses.

    Criminal Court Compensation

      If the offender has been convicted in a criminal court, they may be ordered by the Judge to pay compensation to the victim for personal injury or other losses. In this case, after consultation with the victim, the Crown Prosecution Service will make the request in court. However, many perpetrators neglect to pay this compensation and the amount awarded is often limited. For those reasons almost all victims of violent crime get better results from claims made to the criminal injury compensation board.

    Civil Court Compensation

      It is also possible for a victim of violent crime to personally sue the offender in the civil courts. Seeking the assistance of a solicitor in these circumstances is highly advised. A qualified, experienced personal injury solicitor can help ensure that you receive full and fair compensation for your losses. This option is only a sensible alternate if the perpetrator of the violent crime has substantial assets and the injury is extremely serious. Awards made by the criminal injury compensation board have a cap of £500,000 whereas awards made in the civil courts have no upper limit. This financial limit becomes a serious consideration in the case of severe brain damage or spinal injury where damages can frequently exceed this sum by a very large factor.

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